Intraloral Cameras VA, DC, MD, NY, IL, & NM

Now you can see what we see using intraoral cameras.

Another marvel of technology is making a major impact on our office. Previously, we were limited by the use of tiny mirrors and reflected lighting. Now, we’re able to take a more depth and accurate view of your mouth. And with intraoral cameras, you’ll be able to see what we see!

We now have intraoral cameras to add dimension to our examination and diagnostic procedures. This high-tech camera system allows us to point a small wand at your teeth, gum tissues, previous restorations, etc. and magnify them onto a monitor. With the high-resolution camera and monitor, we’re able to examine more closely than ever before.

One of the most important aspects of the intraoral camera is that for the first time, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re seeing. During your exams, we’ll be using this equipment to look for new decay, leakage around old fillings or crowns, cracks or defects in old crowns or fillings, and tissue changes or lesions.

This new equipment can also record and “freeze-frame” the findings and print out a high-resolution photo of questionable conditions. This enables us to compare current examination findings with future findings and accurately determine changing conditions.

As always, you are an important participant in achieving and maintaining your highest level of dental health. The accuracy of the new equipment will allow you a better opportunity to really see what’s going on.