Bone Guided Regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration VA, DC, MD, NY, IL, & NM

Fix receding gum tissue and bone resorption.

For some dental treatments, the underlying jawbone must be healthy and strong for the optimal outcome to occur. These restorations typically include dentures or dental implants. That’s because they rely on that bone to provide support for the final restoration. Anytime a tooth is lost, or gum recession occurs, the underlying bone experiences resorption or degeneration. In much the same way that astronauts lose bone density when they are in zero gravity for extended periods of time, patients may also experience bone resorption due to lack of chewing and pressure on that area of the jawbone. For these patients, we can offer guided bone regeneration.

About gum loss.

Normally there is a healthy layer of keratinized gum surrounding each tooth which protects it from infection, decay, and discomfort. The recession of gum tissue due to aging or inadequate oral hygiene can leave teeth roots exposed and vulnerable to decay. As this gum tissue recedes, the bone beneath it may also experience significant resorption, which compromises the basic strength of the jawbone.

How bone regeneration works.

It may sound complex, however, the procedure is quite routine. To perform regeneration, we address receding bone directly with surgery. We attach a small section of material (called barrier membrane) to the affected area. This encourages new bone growth and provides numerous benefits for the patient. These include increased structural support for restorations, prevention of further bone resorption, and overall increased strength of the jawbone.