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Endodontic root canal treatment and retreatment.

The portion of teeth we can see is really just the “tip of the iceberg.” Within your mouth, bone and gum tissue surround and supports each tooth, and approximately two-thirds (the root portion) is in the jaw bone. Furthermore, inside every tooth is a canal or series of canals (depending on the number of roots and variety of teeth). Each canal has a vein, artery, and nerve inside. Collectively, we refer to this portion as the pulp. Sometimes this pulp becomes irritated or infected, usually due to trauma or advanced tooth decay. In these cases, a root canal (a.k.a. endodontic treatment/endodontics) may be necessary in order to save the tooth.

During endodontic treatment, we create an entrance into the top portion of the tooth, clear the canal of infected or decayed pulp, then fill it with biocompatible material. The treatment process usually takes one appointment, with a followup appointment to complete the restoration. (This can vary, however, depending on the complexity and severity of the infection.)

If you experience symptoms of infection such as pain or swelling, then please call us at (571) 559-2729. We can provide an assessment to determine what treatment is right for you and if you might be a candidate for endodontic therapy.