Interactive Office Tour

Preview The Travel Dentist before you arrive!

Whether you’re a first time patient at The Travel Dentist or it’s just been a while since your last appointment, an important part of our job is to help you feel comfortable and get acquainted with our office. If you arrive for an appointment or consultation, we will, of course, be happy to give you a full tour of our office, an introduction to our team, as well as discussing all the treatments we can provide. Furthermore, feel free to ask us any questions during this time. Until then, feel free to view our online photo gallery for a virtual office tour!

Recommended office tour photos

Below is a list of photos that Deploy recommends for your office tour.

  • Office exterior (from the street, parking lot and walk-up)
  • Signage (If the office has an exterior sign)
  • Door sign (If the office has a sign on the door)
  • Business cards (closeup of any print collateral)
  • Reception area (chairs, features, comfort, etc.)
  • Special amenities (drink bar, TVs, warm towels, etc.)
  • Front desk (with and without front office team)
  • Hallway (a photo headed each way in the hall)
  • Artwork (paintings, sculptures, fountains, walkways, etc.)
  • Operatories (ideally a photo of each operatory)
  • Sterilization area (autoclave, organization, etc.)
  • Technology (CEREC, lasers, whitening laser, intraoral cameras, etc.)
  • Doctor(s) at work
  • Speaking with a patient
  • Explaining treatment(s) to a patient
  • Miscellaneous (macro shots of plants, patterns, stonework, wood grains, etc.)